CME has been at the forefront of providing mast climbing access equipment, being an active pioneer in this industry since 1990. The HEK workplatforms supplied by CME have proven to be efficient, reliable and a practical equipment where mechanized access systems are required.

The machines proved to be an ideal solution in the massive public housing upgrading programs initiated by the Housing & Development Board (Singapore) where heavy building components were involved and where the need for safety was of the utmost importance as the upgrading were carried out under continued occupation of the building.

From public housing upgrading concerns, the mast climbing workplatforms have been growing in popularity and specified for use in new construction in the private housing, commercial, and industrial sectors.

Due to its flexibility in accommodating structural constraints imposed by architectural designs such as fins and recesses the workplatforms are now growing in demand and have wide applications where the use of customized mechanized access systems are required.

Currently, CME has a fleet of 250 units of machines available for rental, placing it among the top ten access equipment provider companies in the world. Staffed by strength of 40 personnel, which include technical engineers, it has established and continues to maintain a sound track record as shown by the numerous projects undertaken successfully.